Solar Panels

We've got your back every step of the way

Sustainable Solar will assess your unique living situation and clearly illustrate how solar will look on your roof, in addition to the roof’s position.

Taking roof orientation and system size into consideration, we will outline the savings and cost of going solar

How we work

  • 1. Energy Consultation

    An energy consultant will meet you to provide a thorough overview of your electricity consumption and the best solar options for your situation.  We are not high-pressure sales people, and will never strong-arm you into something you aren’t ready for.

  • 2. Site Evaluation

    Prior to installing solar on your roof, an engineer will climb up to perform a site assessment.  They will check the roof for weak points, ensuring that it’s structurally sound.  The engineer will also confirm that our system design is feasible and will provide the amount of energy we guarantee.

  • 3. System Installation

    Our installers are the best in the industry and perform all work to the highest quality standards.  They are courteous and efficient, and after departing your home, will leave behind a sleek, well-installed solar system.